Workplace Audits

Workplace Audits

We conduct workplace audits to ensure compliance with record keeping and poster requirements, documentation practices, and compliance with EEO and wage and hour laws

California employers often ignore or simply misunderstand California’s cumbersome wage and hour laws, and rarely have an attorney perform an employment audit of their workplace practices. As a result, many employers open themselves up to a variety of wage claims from disgruntled or terminated employees. California employers can be held liable not only for owed back wages, but also innumerable penalties that often far exceed the actual amount of back wages owed.

By conducting thorough workplace audits, we help employers determine whether their employees are properly classified as independent contractors or employees and whether employees are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt under federal and state laws. Audits may also determine compliance with a range of other legal requirements such as notice postings, proper payment of overtime, provision of meal and rest breaks, and employee trainings, among other issues.

We help guide employers on how to correct any errors we discover through our audits, and how to communicate necessary changes to the workforce, to significantly reduce the risk of employee wage claims and litigation.

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